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Naoshima Island Japan - Blog

Exploring Naoshima Island: Japan's Art Island

Naoshima Island is a tiny island, commonly referred to as Japan’s art island,  celebrated for its art museums, architecture and sculptures, which attracts art-lovers and tourists from across the world.
Textured ceramics at Maud and Mabel

Tangibility: the Quality of Being Perceivable by Touch

Many British ceramicists and wood artists utilise the nature of their materials to their advantage, creating interesting surface textures that celebrate the three-dimensionality of ceramic art. Find out more.
The Homes of Artists and Collectors we Admire

The Homes of Artists and Collectors we Admire

At Maud and Mabel we adhere to minimalist and zen philosophies of design and the curation of spaces to celebrate natural materials and wonderful works of art. The following three spaces are all inhabited by makers or lovers of art.
Alessandra Taccia - Ceramics & Art Blog

Alessandra Taccia - Ceramics & Art

FORM & SPACE - the art collection that brings together Alessandra Taccia’s paintings and ceramics for the first time - exudes a sense of calm in the gallery at Maud and Mabel. Read more.
An Interview with Swedish Ceramicist, Enriqueta Cepeda

An Interview with Swedish Ceramicist, Enriqueta Cepeda

Explore the inspiration behind the ceramic designs of Swedish ceramicist, Enriqueta Cepeda. An interview by Maud and Mabel.
Inspirational Jewellery – UK Jewellers

Inspirational Jewellery – UK Jewellers

At Maud and Mabel we represent UK jewellers with skill, craftsmanship and thoughtful choice of materials. The beauty of a piece is enhanced with th...
White and Porcelain

White and Porcelain

The whiteness of porcelain is fundamental to the way that is has been understood and desired. ‘In many natural objects, whiteness enhances beauty, as if imparting some special virtue of its own, as in marbles, japonicas, and pearls.’ 
Working with Wood - Maud and Mabel Blog

Working with Wood in the Present Day – The Continuation of Traditions

The magic of wooden sculptures and functional objects is their deviation from the chemically created materials that have become common place in society today, such as plastic. Explore some of our favourite wood turners and artists and the use of traditional and contemporary techniques in their wood crafts. 
Surface Detailing in Handmade Ceramics

Surface Detailing in Handmade Ceramics

One of the things that makes our handmade ceramics collection at Maud and Mabel so eclectic is the variety of surface detailing. With particular methods and techniques, ceramicists create surface detailing that makes their work irrefutably their own.
Raku Pottery Maud and Mabel

Raku Pottery and Wood-firing: The Unpredictable Nature of Ceramics

Many of the artists featured in Maud and Mabel’s ceramic collection are drawn to practices and techniques with an uncontrollable element to them. This provides surprise and chance that can result in the most exquisite textures and patterning, made all the more special in the knowledge that they are ‘accidental.’ 
Natural Forms in Sofie Berg's Designs

Natural forms in Ceramic Design - 5 Ceramicists Whose Designs Merge the Outdoors with our Interiors

At Maud and Mabel we represent many artists who take inspiration from the natural world. Explore five ceramicists whose organic ceramics are directly informed by their experiences of nature and their surroundings
Nicola Tassie Ceramicist

Best of British Ceramics - Ceramicist Spotlight

Contemporary Ceramics and its recognition as an art form has, rightfully, progressed considerably since 1940, when Bernard Leach wrote that ‘very few people in this country think of the making of pottery as an art’.