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Sculptural Meets Functional

PV 27th April 6.30 to 8.30
Exhibition open from 28th April to 3rd of May 10 am to 5.30pm

Maud & Mabel presents ‘Sculptural Meets Functional’, an exhibition of ceramics, wood and art that explores the artists pushing boundaries and linking sculptural with functional. The exhibition will include works by Derek Wilson, Ann Van Hoey, Sun Kim, Alessandra Taccia, Erna Aaltonen, Luke Hope and Nicola Tassie. With techniques ranging from hand built and thrown to sculptured wood and painting, the exhibition explores how each artist pushes the boundaries and builds a link between the sculptural and the functional.

To open the show, esteemed ceramic artists Nicola Tassie will give a short talk, exploring this theme at 6.30pm – 7pm at the private view.


Alessandra Taccia

“I believe there is a beauty in the mundane the menial tasks of everyday life, we don’t have to look to the sublime to find beauty.”

Ann Van Hoey

“The order and logic of a clear and pure line that seems almost compass-drawn, aiming for a technically impeccable result and an aesthetic that is as simple as it is seductive.”

Derek Wilson

“My aim is to push the boundaries of a traditional and diverse artform through playing with its aesthetics, materiality and processes.”

Erna Aaltonen

“I have found a splendid opportunity to combine form, colour and surface structure into one continuous whole”

Luke Hope

“Harnessing the unique, often anthropomorphic qualities of each piece, the work unites the boundaries of human, natural and architectural environments.”

Nicola Tassie

“My interests are in the materiality of the object; exploring texture, mark making and the relationship of surface to form.”


Sun Kim

“My work focuses on making functional objects that explores the relationship between the traditional and contemporary.”