Kenta Anzai @ Maud and Mabel

Japan based, Kenta Anzai handcrafts a beautiful selection of objects ranging from vases, pourers and containers to plates, tea bowls and sake cups. Kentas work is thrown in porcelain and his glaze is infused with a small amount of urushi - a natural Japanese lacquer, giving each piece a uniquely detailed surface pattern to contrast with the simple forms. 

The thoughtfully aged surface of Kenta’s work takes months to create with endless polishing and refining. The result is a perfect example of the Wabi Sabi aesthetic so sought after in Japanese pottery.

Kenta Anzai is a highly sought after ceramic artist. Kenta was apprentice to renowned potter Taizo Kuda. Kuda in turn was apprentice to Tatsuzo Shimaoka (national treasure) who also studied under Shoji Hamada. So a truly impressive lineage.

Each piece is polished up to 8 times using the finest grade sandpaper. Thus producing a soft caressible surface which shows subtle reflections of light similar to eggshell.

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