Maud and Mabel

Sue + John Pryke @ Maud and Mabel

Inspired by the everyday, Sue Pryke aims to create her own collection of objects that sit comfortably in the home.  Sue Pryke is a British homeware designer, who started her journey into ceramics at a small pottery in Lincolnshire. After graduation Sue’s first job was a designer at Wedgewood, guided by the design team she was taught to understand the breadth of ceramic form. Sue found the challenge of the precision absorbing and the repetitive nature satisfying.

Individually slipcast from vitrified earthenware, these teaspoons are perfectly useful.  Fired at high temperatures until it is no longer porous - the clay is finished with a smooth stone like quality.

This teapot is part of the MR & Mrs Studio Collection that combines the work of Sue Pryke and her husband John, combining ceramics and wood. With its high fired stone like surface, the handle is made from steam bent oak.

Simply stunning cutting boards by John Pryke, with leather handle.

Irit Goldberg

We are delighted to Introduce Jaffa Ceramic Artist, Irit Goldberg, to London. Her pure collection is crafted using traditional hand built techniques, to create beautifully unique pieces with character.

Jaffa artist Irit Goldberg crafts each piece individually by hand, creating asymmetrical shapes and textured surfaces. Made from a white clay, and finished with a white glaze, each functional piece is distinctive, whether in form or detail.

Mizuyo Yamashita

We are pleased to share new work by London based Japanese ceramic artist, Mizuyo Yamashita. A collection of vases which are flawlessly sculpted and faceted by hand.


Using the potters wheel, Mizuyo creates small objects that sit beautifully in the home. Made with a combination of three different clays, these exquisite objects are glazed with either white or cool green exterior.





Akiko Hirai

Dry Kohiki-  yunomi cups
We are honored to showcase Akiko's brand new collection of dry Kohiki-  yunomi cups. A selection of  hand crafted, earthy, textured tea bowls now available at Maud and Mabel.

Hand sculpted Dry Kohiki- yunomi cups with matt exterior glaze and gloss interior. The beauty of these faceted bowls would increasingly appreciate over time. Within their form and tones the tea bowls are almost deceiving in their simplicity. These pieces are yet another example of the genius works by Akiko Hirai.

Akiko explains that using dark and white clay varies the textured surfaces of each piece. 'Imagination and fantasy always reinforce the imperfection and achieve the perfection with its own originality. The completion of the work is done by the viewer' Akiko Hirai