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Alessandra Taccia

Alessandra Taccia is an Italian artist and self-taught ceramist working and living in Cambridge. She studied Fine Art at Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti, Genova and takes inspiration from ancient artifacts from the Mediterranean area and the Far East, as well as Zen philosophy and Theosophy.

Alessandra believes that there is beauty in the mundane and finds her subject matter in everyday life, favouring still-life and unpretentious objects. In her paintings, she focuses on the form and colour of the objects that she depicts, resulting in an intriguing balance of the figurative and abstract. Despite her simplification of domestic forms, they remain familiar to the viewer. Alessandra’s paintings feature no distractions, making the negative space surrounding the objects as important as the objects themselves.

Alessandra’s exploration of space and composition has been translated to ceramics, as it allows her to bring to life the imagined forms which feature in her paintings. She uses a muted and restrained palette, hues and tones which are drawn from memories of familiar natural and urban landscapes. Alessandra’s restrained approach results in the concise expression of ideas.


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