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Ann Van Hoey White Folded Bowl 52
Ann Van Hoey White Folded Bowl 52
Ann Van Hoey White Folded Bowl 52

Ann Van Hoey White Folded Bowl 52

Maker: Ann Van Hoey

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Handmade in Belgium. 

This beautiful folded earthenware bowl was created with just a rolling pin and simple hand tools. After rolling the clay, cuts were made to be re-assembled into an origami-like bowl that demonstrates 'flawless order and geometric logic'. Off-white and smooth, this delicate and minimalist sculptural form is reminiscent of eggshell in both appearance and texture. The lightweight design and meticulous finish is a perfect example of Ann's craftsmanship. 


Dimensions: L-17cm W-14m x H-10cm 


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly.


Ann Van Hoey graduated with a degree in Ceramics from the Institute for Arts and Craft in Mechelen in 2006. Having worked as a commercial engineer for twenty years, Ann’s unique ceramic practice is foregrounded by mathematical and scientific precision. Each piece begins as a mathematical equation and technical impeccability is maintained throughout her process.

Ann’s designs take the geometry of Japanese zen gardens as inspiration. The Japanese art of origami is also hugely significant, informing the technique through which she re-assembles her cuttings of clay to create the finished form. 

In 2011 Ann became a member of the International Academy of Ceramics. Since then, her work has been exhibited world-wide and she has been awarded many prizes, the number of which is made all the more remarkable considering her relatively short professional ceramic career.