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Anna Silverton White Porcelain Jar 3
Anna Silverton White Porcelain Jar 3
Anna Silverton White Porcelain Jar 3
Anna Silverton White Porcelain Jar 3

Anna Silverton White Porcelain Jar 3

Maker: Anna Silverton

Regular price £600.00

Handmade in England.

Dimensions: W 24 cm x H 31.50 cm

Materials: Porcelain


Anna hand throws each piece in porcelain on the potter’s wheel, allowing her to focus on the gradual renewal and reinvention of her forms, cutting, reassembling and reshaping each piece, differing from the last. After firing, she meticulously applies glazes, both matt and glossy, softening or highlighting as they break over edges connecting form and surface harmoniously.


A futuristic form made from fine porcelain. Anna skilfully accentuates the shape with precise carves lines that delineate the segments, the movement of the piece appearing infinite. The egg shell finish of the work is enticing, creating a juxtaposition between detail and softness. The weight adds depth to the rounded body, adding contrast to the slender rim. 

About the Artist

Anna Silverton’s playful and delicate porcelain vases and bowls demonstrate a highly disciplined and controlled wheel-throwing technique. She is continually exploring forms and textures, seeking to achieve pieces which combine elegance with visual surprise.

After completing a BA at Camberwell School of Art and MA at The Royal College of Art, Anna spent several years in the States where she taught ceramics at Syracuse University alongside developing her own work.  She now works at her studio at home in Sydenham, as well as working part-time at Morley College in London as Program Manager of the HND Ceramics course.