Jayne Armstrong Bruise-black Chestnut
Jayne Armstrong Bruise-black Chestnut
Jayne Armstrong Bruise-black Chestnut

Jayne Armstrong Bruise-black Chestnut

Maker: Jayne Armstrong

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Handmade in France.

Dimensions: ø 27cm x h 28cm 

Materials: Chestnut

Method:  Hand-turned on a lathe, using a range of gouges 


Handcrafted by artist Jayne Armstrong, this delicate form is made from chestnut, locally sourced from her friends and neighbours. After observing the wood, she determines how the wood will be cut and uses a chainsaw to cut a piece of wood for the lathe using a range of gouges which is an exploratory process. Her works are stained, dyed, bleached, or left untouched before the brushing and polishing stage. This lightweight bowl features undulating lines which traverse across the body. The dark, rich hues on the exterior and interior compliment the eye-catching bleached marks from Armstrong skilful hand.

Care instructions: 

Functional: wipe with a damp cloth to clean; keep away from direct heat sources


About the Artist:

Jayne Armstrong is an artist and maker in wood. Jayne works primarily in fresh, green wood to explore the sculptural and aesthetic possibilities of a material that moves and changes shape as it dries. Her work is intended to play with the boundary between sculpture and function and to challenge expectations of the material itself. The resulting forms are fluid, undulating and frequently monochromatic in tone.

Jayne’s background as an academic within the field of cultural studies informs and underpins her approach to her work. Her work is experimental and exploratory, drawing from art history, design history and philosophy. She describes her work as a dialogue between material, concept, technology and technique.