Carina Ciscato

Carina Ciscato (b.1970) is a Brazilian ceramicist from Sao Paulo. Following her training in Industrial Design, completed in 1992, Ciscato was introduced to studio pottery in Krefeld, Germany, where she spent one year working alongside Marietta Cremer in her studio. Upon her return to Brazil, Ciscato undertook an apprenticeship with Lucia Ramenzoni, one of Sao Paulo’s leading ceramicists. Following six years under Ramenzoni’s tutelage, Ciscato began showing her work in local galleries. Her relocation to London in 1999 saw Ciscato become assistant to the studio of Julian Stair and Edmund de Waal. This move and the change in cultures and attitudes to ceramic prompted new and exciting directions for the artist. Ciscato established her London studio in 2003 in Vanguard Court, South London, where she works today. Since 2001, Ciscato has participated in numerous group shows at prestigious locations in London, including Royal College of Art, Gallery Besson, the Craft Council’s Collect art fair and Chelsea Craft Fair, alongside shows in Japan, Brazil, Europe and across the UK, with notable exhibitions in Cornwall’s Leach Pottery and Porthminster Gallery. Her work is enshrined within the V&A Museum collection and the Devonshire collection, as well as significant private collections internationally.

Ciscato works primarily in porcelain, exploring the limits of her material through throwing on the wheel then later tearing, cutting, folding and stretching to assemble her pieces. Due to its duality of strength and fragility, utilising porcelain allows Ciscato to materially explore form, spatial perception and structure in new and challenging ways. Carefully conceived, her spontaneous and fluid works speak of their process, which is exposed and revealed through their layered construction and exhibition of subtle marks, which are gently applied either on the wheel or when the clay has reached a leather-hard stage. For Ciscato, this allows new relationships to emerge, as while all her works belong to the same familial beginnings, formed on the wheel from replica methods and shapes - a base, sides, sometimes a lid, each ends with its own unique characteristics which cannot be reproduced. Quiet, muted tones of white and celadon glazes are preferred, to emphasise the fluidity and sharpness of her forms, reinforcing the edges, cuts and natural curves. Ciscato’s work provides critical insight into our perception of an object, its shapes and composition, discovering a hidden beauty beyond function and predictability. It questions space and volume, function and purpose, balance and fragility, in search of a purer aesthetic that always allows for new meanings, new observations and new ways of seeing and perceiving, rendering the object redefined and reinvented forever.

"Space, volume and architecture: it’s partly sensorial and partly an ideal aesthetic. It’s relative, irregular and fragile. My work is about a search for an unconventional balance, constructing and reconstructing forms to create objects with a quality that solicits the expansion of sensorial information, becoming tactile and unpredictable." - Carina Ciscato

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