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Nancy Fuller 'Night Kame'
Nancy Fuller 'Night Kame'
Nancy Fuller 'Night Kame'

Nancy Fuller 'Night Kame'

Maker: Nancy Fuller

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Handmade in UK

Dimensions: W - 47cm x H – 49cm

Materials: stoneware clay blend and kaolin slip 

Method: hand-built and anagama-fired 



A beautifully refined hand-built jar by artist Nancy Fuller made with a stoneware clay blend and a kaolin slip, with an anagama firing. The form sits flawlessly, featuring a wide body and a round, curled opening. A sophisticated silhouette, this jar holds a striking presence in a room, making it a wonderfully statement piece. With curves moving into a narrow base, this piece holds a perfect balance. Nancy’s eye for detail allows her to achieve gritty textures, through her unique combination of materials and process, which has allowed her to make new discoveries in her work, such as this breath-taking form. The beautiful soft tones are a result of the ancient anagama firing technique.


About the Artist:

Nancy Fuller is Taiwanese by birth and raised in Scotland. After training as a printmaker, she discovered wood-fired ceramics when she returned to Taiwan in 2000 to study Chinese Mandarin.

All of Nancy's pots are fired in her anagama which she was able to design and build herself through the financial support of the Scottish Arts Council. The ancient forms of the Japanese tsubo and kame continue to inspire her, not only visually but also physically. The spatial awareness of the pots that comes through making, carrying and firing them gives them an almost human dimension. Coiling gives softer outlines which change further during the firing process, helping her achieve the natural quality she's looking for. The clay is the starting point for all her work and through her choice of raw materials combined with her firing technique she has developed her own wood-fired aesthetic.