Takashi Endo Black Sake Cup (L)
Takashi Endo Black Sake Cup (L)

Takashi Endo Black Sake Cup (L)

Maker: Takashi Endo

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Handmade in Japan.

Dimensions: W 10.5cm  H 7cm

Materials: Purion clay 

Method: Hand-built



This sake cup demonstrates how Takashi Endo’s ceramics are both bold and delicate. Handcrafted from purion clay, the cup has a speckled effect as a result of Endo’s favoured firing process, imbuing it with an interesting and organic texture and heightening an awareness of its materiality. Made with Endo’s characteristically thin rim, the cup is wide and lightweight, a beautiful addition to the home with its calming sculptural properties.  

As all products are handmade, sizes and colour may vary slightly.


About the Artist:

Takashi Endo is a self-taught ceramic artist from Kanagawa, Japan. He is highly renowned for his extraordinary lightweight and monochromatic creations. He works with clay sourced locally from Iga and Shigaraki, regions that are part of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan, and where pottery has been produced for centuries.