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Toru Hatta Natural Glaze Flower Vase 12
Toru Hatta Natural Glaze Flower Vase 12
Toru Hatta Natural Glaze Flower Vase 12
Toru Hatta Natural Glaze Flower Vase 12

Toru Hatta Natural Glaze Flower Vase 12

Maker: Toru Hatta

Regular price £525.00

Handmade in Japan

Dimensions: ⌀ 9cm x H 17.5cm 

Materials: stoneware

Method:  Multiple wood kiln firings and Mishima inlay slip technique 

Care Instructions: Hand wash only. Not suitable for dishwasher / microwave



An enthralling piece which is crafted by sought-after artist Toru Hatta. His work is one-of-a-kind and handmade in his studio in Japan. An impressive, eye-catching array of hues, Hatta’s works are rich with exquisite patterns and textures. His use of mark-making perfectly complements the bold, functional forms – this embodies his masterly skill in using the decorative inlay technique ‘Mishima’.

This mighty flower vase will hold a presence in any room. The mesmerising, natural glaze balances the statement form of the softly curved body and exaggerated opening. The organic hues glide across the surface, mirroring beautiful natural landscapes.  


About the Artist

Toru Hatta is an internationally renowned ceramicist currently living and working in Osaka, Japan. He graduated from the Architecture and Environmental department of Osaka Sangyo University in 2000 and from then, has been exploring the possibilities of clay and participating in exhibitions in Japan. He works close to the sea, where he recently built a house and studio. 

Hatta creates numerous types of UTSUWA, a form of vessel or container, all of which are fired many times in a wood-fired kiln, once a month. His notable works were made using the decorative inlay slip technique Mishima, which originated in Korea. Evoking all five senses, his breath-taking works are reminiscent of natural scenes and made for every day, household use. His highly regarded ceramics resonate with the hearts of modern people with a love for a unique eating and drinking experience, as his ideas centre around the taste of clay.