Wataru Hatano Scroll 5
Wataru Hatano Scroll 5
Wataru Hatano Scroll 5

Wataru Hatano Scroll 5

Maker: Wataru Hatano

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Made in Japan

This hanging scroll was created by highly acclaimed washi craftsman and papermaker Wataru Hatano and is intended to reflect the beauty of the everyday. Made from Japanese paper, pigments, soil and acrylic, the scroll varies in texture; from the smooth white square, to the grainy grey that frames it. 

Washi is traditional Japanese paper (wa- Japanese, shi- paper) and is made from the fibres of either kozo, gampi or mitsumata plants. Hatano is based in Kurotani, where Kozo is readily available and is grown as a farm crop, meaning that every year it grows again and supplies are replenished.

Washi is hand-made by first separating the inner bark of the plant and pounding it. This pounded version of the Kozo inner bark is added to a liquid solution and mixed with tororo-aoi (fermented hibiscus root), resulting in a paste-like substance. Each sheet of paper is made by spreading this paste across a su (bamboo mesh screen) evenly. Sheets are subsequently left to dry.

This hanging scroll is an exquisite demonstration of traditional Japanese practices and aesthetics. It is a striking yet humble piece that will contribute to a meditative atmosphere. 


Dimensions: H 104 cm x W 56 cm



As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly.


Wataru Hatano who has been fundamental in promoting and developing the use of washi (traditional paper). Hatano studied oil painting at Tama Art University before moving to Kurotani in the northern Kyoto prefecture in 1996. The region has been central to washi (traditional paper) making for over 800 years and Hatano became very interested in its quality, deciding to train at Kurotani Washi to learn the skills of its production.

His use of washi in paintings, furniture, stationary, wallpaper and flooring, demonstrate his skill and deep understanding of tradition. He has been incredibly important for the preservation and promotion of washi and his works are deservedly highly sought-after.