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Yoko Ozawa 'Full' Stoneware teapot 6
Yoko Ozawa 'Full' Stoneware teapot 6
Yoko Ozawa 'Full' Stoneware teapot 6
Yoko Ozawa 'Full' Stoneware teapot 6

Yoko Ozawa 'Full' Stoneware teapot 6

Maker: Yoko Ozawa

Regular price £850.00

Handmade in Melbourne

Hand thrown in stoneware which has its natural soft color and roughness from the earth, Yoko glazes these pieces with glaze made of yellow box ash (eucalyptus) from from her own fireplace which gives the works a soft, warm tone.

The wood for the handles is collected in the eucalyptus forests, which often becomes bone dry in the Australian climate.
Wood provider: Eugene Howard

As Yoko aim to throw a perfect sphere for her 'Full' teapots, she chooses to use natural materials to finish the work, playing with the balance between perfection and imperfection.

The series of teapots 'Full' is inspired by the waxing of the moon. The spherical form is full of possibility and meaning, not simply 'nothingness'. The rich ambiguous nature of this interior space relates closely to the concept of Yohaku; the contemplation of which results in an enhanced apprehension of the world and our own mind. The New series of 'Full - Yoake' (dawn) holds bright hopes inside, anticipating perhaps the coming of dawn after the pandemic.

 Dimensions: H-14 cm x W-15 cm (excluding handle)

As all products are handmade, sizes and colour may vary slightly.


Japan-born Melbourne based ceramist Yoko Ozawa has been working with clay over for 15 years. Her work is informed by a lifelong interest in the Japanese notion of Yohaku (blank space), which is under her influence of the past study of Japanese painting.

 Her vessels sit quietly in place, whilst at the same time engaging with and altering the space around them. She brings an awareness of natural phenomena to her work; seasonal transitions, temperature, light and shadow, attraction, and force imbue the atmosphere she creates. The reciprocal relation between her simplicity forms and these elements serves to convey both depth and stillness.