Lior Hod Porcelain Vase
Lior Hod Porcelain Vase

Lior Hod Porcelain Vase

Maker: Lior Hod

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Porcelain casted vase with green oxides, Handmade in England. 

Dimensions: W-9 cm x H-25 cm

Vase: 47/100

These vases are part of Lior’s project to cast individually 100 vases over a period of 100 days.

The vases are numbered and start with the same simple cylindrical shape. Each one is created separately, with complete attention from the casting to the shaping to the sanding and the hand application of the glaze and the firings. The long process is evident in the differences in the surface, in the thickness of the porcelain body, the shape of the rim, and the different colours. This is a specific project to highlight casting as a hand crafted technique as opposed to a homogeneous manufacturing process.  

Lior Hod graduated from Central St Martins, London, in 2005 after gaining a BA in Ceramic Design. Right from the start Lior was fascinated with the casting process, which is more closely associated with manufacturing. Later he pursued the areas of hand building and experimented with forms and textures.