Mizuyo Yamashita Hand thrown beaker, carved shinogu walls

Mizuyo Yamashita Faceted Beaker

Maker: Mizuyo Yamashita

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Handmade in England. 

Made on the potters wheel, using a combination of three clays, these cups are finished in a transparent matte glaze, allowing for the clay's natural qualities to be seen. A delightful surprise reveals a beautifully sculpted base.

Dimensions: W 9 cm x H 8 cm


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly.


Mizuyo Yamashita is a London based ceramicist.

Mizuyo is strongly inspired by the everyday use of lifestyle products, creating hand thrown small objects on the potter’s wheel, blending three types of clay and glazed in natural muted tones.

Originally inspired by English and French stoneware jars, Mizuyo began creating their miniature forms, gradually changing their designs and surface decoration.

Using surfacing treatment techniques, popular in Japan, such as shinogi, mishima and kohiki, with the aim of creating pieces to match modern European interior design. Mizuyo's forms display an interesting combination of the artists inspirations and influences. .