Connie Augoustinos Small Round Vase
Connie Augoustinos Small Round Vase

Connie Augoustinos Small Round Vase

Maker: Connie Augoustinos *

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Handmade in Australia. 

Hand built and pinched vessel with elegant stemmed foot. Soft, light natural glaze, highlighting the bowls texture and form.  


Dimensions: W-11 cm x H-12.5 cm


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly.


Connie Augoustinos is an emerging artist and maker creating ceramic sculptural vessels reminiscent of neolithic artefacts. She undertook a Bachelor of Visual Art, specializing in Ceramics at University of South Australia, then went on to complete the associate training program at JamFactory where her studio now resides. Her work considers nature and the human body. Her practise predominantly uses the coil hand-building and pinching techniques, playing with scale and surface. The slow process of hand-making is reflected in the product – each piece is unique, imbued with patience and meaning.

I want to evoke a sense of ‘otherworldliness’ and curiosity in my vessels. Investigating qualities of scale, form and surface are an integral part of my creative process. Larger one-off pieces give me the freedom to create uninhibitedly, whilst smaller series of multiples are great rhythmic exercises.