Ditte Blohm Porcelain Bille Vase 1
Ditte Blohm Porcelain Bille Vase 1
Ditte Blohm Porcelain Bille Vase 1

Ditte Blohm Porcelain Bille Vase 1

Maker: Blohm*

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Handmade in UK.

Dimensions: D 24cm x H 28cm 

Materials: Porcelain 

Method:  hand-built



An elegant porcelain vase crafted by established artist Ditte Blohm. Inspired by the uncertainty of Japanese ceramics, Blohm has created a beautiful series of works that honour both tradition and her contemporary, skilful hand. The Bille vase has a rounded form, with a generous opening. The white, silky tones compliment the original shape. This series is hand built in porcelain and glazed on the inside with a transparent glaze.

Ditte paid tribute to Lucie Rie with this collection, showing her appreciation for the stimulating feelings she handed her over the years. Although she used to throw perfectly symmetrical shapes on her pottery wheel, Ditte prefers to hand sculpt each vessel carefully. She believes the end destination is not to make anything perfect but to infuse the porcelain with the beauty of a unique soul.

She says:

"I still remember the first time I saw Lucie Rie's work - it's an understatement to say it blew me away. Now, every time I see one of her creations, I get a sparkling sensation running through my body - the empowering feeling of inspiration and possibility.

I love the completeness of her shapes. A vase will have a big belly, a narrow stem, and a wide opening at the top like a flower. All the different parts play together as a carefully conducted orchestra."


About the Artist

Ditte Blohm was born in Denmark, and has a background in fine art and specialised in experience based pieces. Ditte is especially drawn to the medium of porcelain. Her work is inspired by merging attitudes of danish and Japanese design, focusing on the Japanese ideology of the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete, against the inherent serenity of the Scandinavian design aesthetic.