Sarah Woods

Sarah Woods is a painter whose work responds to the West Cornwall landscape where she lives and works. Currently based in Porthmeor Studios at Trewarveneth in Newlyn, Cornwall, Woods has exhibited widely in her local surroundings including solo shows in The New Craftsman Gallery, St Ives - strengthening a contextualisation of her work and its intrinsic connection to her surroundings, which are a constant driving force of inspiration for the artist. Maud & Mabel’s January 2022 Special Collection brings Woods’ work to London for the first time, alongside work by ceramicist Carina Ciscato.

Woods’ meditative paintings, with their quiet tones and gentle gestures, follow a rhythm that allows for deep connection to land and sea. Each collection of paintings changes with the seasons, as Woods notices the warmer hues of sea, softness of cliffs and colours that inspire her to make something in the landscape she resides in. Defined by their purity of form and colour, each is born from a slow, tranquil flow state. Paintings and prints are formed from smaller drawings with tone and composition in mind. Following the forms of her landscape, the artist moves her brush simply with soft colours, and the purest, most refined elements of paint and canvas come together to capture moments of an eternally changing coastline.

“The changing seasons beside the ocean, and hues of sea and sky, inspire my simple paintings in the studio. The coast brings focus and learning to lose all sense of time. To me, the process of working by hand is meditative and encourages a flow state in the studio. My thoughts move at a slower pace and I’m in focus with my movements. I move my brush simply with soft colours mixed for each palette, following the shapes of the coastline. Beginning a painting is methodical as I work with canvas and linen to create something tactile and durable. I’ve learned to follow a rhythm that feels connected to the land and sea whilst working in the studio. It’s a calm space for mixing palettes and visualising the landscape - shades of Umber for land, Naples Yellow becomes an earthy sand, and hues of Prussian Blue for sea and sky. Collections are formed from smaller drawings, with tone and composition in mind, taking time to observe simple shapes and familiar curves of headland along the coast. Each painting is slowly made and captures moments from a changing landscape, autumn energy in St Ives and the cliffs from Porthcurno, following the west coast of Cornwall. The simplest elements of paint and canvas come together to form the land and sea. These paintings follow the coast through the seasons, noticing the warmer hues of the sea, the softness of cliffs, the bright colours that hold light from the landscape, and time spent gathering inspiration from the coast to the studio.” - Sarah Woods

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