amazing ceramic artist shinobu in studio
Born in Tokyo, Shinobu Hashimoto was ten years old when his parents moved to Hokkaido to open a coffee shop, which then also became a pottery shop. After running a bar in the Susukino district of Sapporo for 11 years, Hashimoto experienced ceramic art himself for the first time in a workshop, and decided to change his career in 2003. He set up his Studio Tenstone with the aim of creating Japanese ceramics that would suit a modern lifestyle in Japan. His designs are kept simple and understated, with few embellishments, in order to stay true to the original texture and form. Making on the wheel, he finishes his pieces with a combination of experimental techniques, including the use of slip instead of glaze to create a “crackle” effect on the surface of each individual piece, and a subtle luminosity that often emanates from his work.