Abigail Schama Porcelain Bowl
Abigail Schama Porcelain Bowl

Abigail Schama Porcelain Bowl

Maker: Abigail Schama

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Handmade in England. 

Hand thrown vitrified porcelain bowl with intricate chatting detail. 

Dimensions: w-23cm x h-13cm


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly.


London based ceramic artist Abigail Schama came to pottery from painting.  Abigail Schama’s hand thrown, stoneware bowls tell stories through surface. Any bowl is basic and universal in its meaning.  The process of building up and then turning the form creates their skin and character. Abigail relies on the processes of slipping and chattering; words which describe human contact. These pieces are about imprinting the imperfect, unexpected and unrepeatable marks of a human hand on the most primal and unchanging material.