Alessandra Taccia Small Milk Jug 14
Alessandra Taccia Small Milk Jug 14

Alessandra Taccia Small Milk Jug 14

Maker: Alessandra Taccia

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Made in UK

Stoneware 2021

Small Milk Jug hand-built by Alessandra Taccia, with wide lid and an organic texture which is alternately rough and smooth. Alessandra’s exploration of space and composition, especially negative space, has been translated from painting to ceramics. Her interest in still-life and domestic objects demonstrates her desire to find the sublime in everyday life.  

The majority of Alessandra’s ceramics originate as pinch pots which are then developed through a coiling process. The muted hues and matt surfaces are achieved by applying dry glazes or simply leaving the exterior unglazed. Alessandra’s works are both functional and sculptural and can be used everyday, elevating the experience of daily rituals.

Dimensions: H9.5cm x W11cm


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly.


Alessandra Taccia is an Italian artist and self-taught ceramist working and living in Cambridge. She studied Fine Art at Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti, Genova and takes inspiration from ancient artifacts from the Mediterranean area and the Far East, as well as Zen philosophy and Theosophy.

Alessandra uses a muted and restrained palette in her ceramics and paintings, hues and tones which are drawn from memories of familiar natural and urban landscapes. Alessandra’s restrained approach results in the concise expression of ideas.