Apercu wool shawl
Apercu wool shawl

Apercu wool shawl

Maker: Ahujasons

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Designed in Japan, hand made in India. 

Soft wool scarf. 


Size: 110 cm x 200 cm 

100% Wool   
Dry clean only.


Designed in Japan, hand made in India.  APERCU is original patterns made by Atsuko Imai, exceptional Japanese design on the highest quality materials by Indian artisans, an interesting mix of two cultures.

"At APERCU,curiosity and creativity are intertwined with Indian craftsmanship for a constantly evolving,artful journey. When we say handmade and state-of-the-art technology, we mean it. From creating woven design to creating pattern,spinning yarn and dyeing fabric, our artists and craftspersons take inspiration from the beauty that exists all around us.
At APERCU,we are fixated on perfection with a genuine love for what we do. Our skilled craftsmen and artisans takes pride in translating beauty into our work."