Enriqueta Cepeda Black Vessel 30
Enriqueta Cepeda Black Vessel 30
Enriqueta Cepeda Black Vessel 30

Enriqueta Cepeda Black Vessel 30

Maker: Enriqueta Cepeda

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Handmade in UK

Dimensions: H - 28cm x W – 18cm

Materials: Clay

Method: pinching and coiling 



This white Vessel was created through pinching and coiling methods with the addition of very simple tools. Hand building is "a slow way to work that suits me". Enriqueta’s preference for using her hands causes natural imperfections and allows her to achieve harmony in the irregular, resulting in the unique character of each piece.

Her works echo classical, timeless sculptural forms. She refrains from using glazes and instead embraces the natural colours of the clay. She alters the surface by either smoothing with a stone or scraping to reveal the chamotte in the clay. These techniques create opposing textures; shiny and rough. All pieces hold water.


About the Artist:

Swedish ceramicist Enriqueta Cepeda lives and works in Stockholm and her designs and making process take inspiration from ancient pottery. Enriqueta draws on the ceramic practices of different ancient cultures and interprets them in her own way, such as the Pueblo Indian technique of burnishing and polishing pots after firing. The Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi is also significant to Enriqueta’s creations, and informs the simplicity and asymmetry that they display.