Jennifer Morris Jug 20
Jennifer Morris Jug 20
Jennifer Morris Jug 20

Jennifer Morris Jug 20

Maker: Jennifer Morris

Regular price £90.00

Handmade in UK

Dimensions: W - 13cm x  H – 10cm

Materials: stoneware clay 

Method: Handthrown

Care: Can hold water 



Hand thrown small stoneware jug with dry matte glaze. The glaze has reacted to the iron in the clay to create subtle flecks. A sweet and simple, restrained jug that will bring joy to the table or as an ornament. 

Part of Jennifer's jug series and exploration of the ways that using one glaze on different clay bodies and with a range of firing temperatures can create a subtle colour palette variation. 


About the Artist:

Hampstead-based ceramicist Jennifer Morris discovered her love of clay during a pre foundation course in 2008. It tapped into a freedom of creativity which she found liberating. She hand builds and throws objects that can easily be inserted into daily life and provide both joy and a function. Jennifer loves the surprises that are intrinsic to the ceramic practice especially Raku and Reduction firing.  "You can never make the same exact piece twice and therein lies the magic.”