Jono Smart Bottle  - Extra Small 804
Jono Smart Bottle  - Extra Small 804
Jono Smart Bottle  - Extra Small 804

Jono Smart Bottle - Extra Small 804

Maker: Jono Smart & Emily Stephen

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Handmade in UK

Hand thrown bottle made in a variety of stoneware mixes developed by Jono Smart over the past five years, glazed in a series of matt greys with various oxides to create the subtle colour changes.  With simple, clean silhouettes and a variety of tones and finishes, the bottles work well as both stand alone pieces and as groups. 


Dimensions: H-15.5 cm x W-3 cm 


Jono Smart and Emily Stephen are a Scottish based couple who live and work together. Jono works as a potter and Emily as a woodturner. They also combine efforts to make sculptural works and installations. Their studio is a showcase of the things they make and design, their home, their city and the landscape they live in. Both of them have always worked closely with nature. Emily, while working as an architect, designed simple timber buildings, that sat quietly in their landscape. Jono worked as a garden designer using trees, hedges, water, stone and flowers to create structured spaces. In their current work as a potter and a woodturner they depend upon nature for their material. They try to impose as little as possible upon their pieces, allowing the natural surfaces of wood and clay to be at the forefront of all they do.