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Kazunori Ohnaka Vase 2
Kazunori Ohnaka Vase 2
Kazunori Ohnaka Vase 2
Kazunori Ohnaka Vase 2
Kazunori Ohnaka Vase 2

Kazunori Ohnaka Vase 2

Maker: Kazunori Ohnaka

Regular price £275.00

Handmade in Japan

Dimensions: W 4.3cm x H 14.6cm

Materials: Shigarki "信楽" clay

Method:  Hand built

Care instructions: The surface of the work is rough, please wash it with a scrubbing brush.



Ceramicist Kazunori Ohnaka created this graceful vase using Shigarki clay. He applies many layers on top of the drying surface, to attain his unique texture. Following this, he adds a beautiful glaze using a brush, sponge or simply, just his hand. Ohnaka has developed a distinctive clay and firing process, to achieve an aged surface. The materials he chooses leads the technique and tools required to realise the work. Ohnaka believes it is a collaborative work between the creator and the user, that the forms are complete when explored and shared. With an overarching interest in nature and antiques, the impermanent beauty in simplicity provides a source of inspiration and peace for Ohnaka. Injecting this feeling into his work has resulted in an original and impressive body of work. 

This vase has a long body and slim, curled opening. The deep surface tones are alluring and calming, creating an intriguing atmosphere in any room.


About the Artist

Kazunori Ohnaka is a ceramic artist who was born in 1971, and lives and works in Yamaguchi, Japan. The self-taught master began studying ceramics in 2000, dedicating his life to his work. 

His practice is influenced by ancient Japanese objects and the traditional Japanese aesthetics concept ‘Yūgen’ a word that originated in China, which translates as ‘mysterious profundity’. He seeks to encourage the viewer to engage with this notion, utilising their imagination to experience an object’s latent beauty. His energetic ceramics push the limits of form and balance through innovative and unconventional techniques.