Kenta Anzai Vessel 23
Kenta Anzai Vessel 23

Kenta Anzai Vessel 23

Maker: Kenta Anzai

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Handmade in Japan. 

This small black earthenware container is wonderfully tactile and smooth to the touch and will fit in the palm of your hand. Kenta Anzai uses a black glaze containing a small amount of urushi lacquer, a natural Japanese lacquer that originates as tree sap, to create soft and reflective surfaces. Subsequent repeated polishing and refining ages Anzai’s surfaces, imbuing the pieces with a unique character and presence.

Anzai’s prioritization of the simplicity of form emphasizes the subtle detailing of the surfaces of his pieces. The beautiful detailing around the rim of the vessel emphasizes its circular shape and the deep and smooth interior.



Dimensions: H 12 cm x W 12 cm                   


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly.


Highly renowned Kenta Anzai is based in Fukushima prefecture, where he creates his celebrated and sought-after ceramics. Anzai trained under Taizo Kuroda, which makes him part of an outstanding lineage of Japanese artisans. Anzai’s use of urushi lacquer in his black ceramic pieces defies their conventional use for wood, and looks back to over 5000 years ago, when it was used in the creation of Jomon pots.

Anzai gives each piece an endless amount of energy and time. Months of repeated sandpapering, polishing and refining are required to achieve the thoroughly aged surfaces of Anzai’s pieces: indicative of their complete fulfilment of the Wabi Sabi aesthetic.