LABO.ART Maglia seppe jersey sweater Atlantic
LABO.ART Maglia seppe jersey sweater Atlantic
LABO.ART Maglia seppe jersey sweater Atlantic

LABO.ART Maglia seppe jersey sweater Atlantic


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Handmade in Italy. 

Cool, super soft and stretchy, light weight t-shirt sweater with raw edge finish. Elegant subtle bell shape with feminine round neck and 3/4 length sleeve.  Simple, modern and relaxed design that will age beautifully. 

95% cotton,  5% elastane 
Machine Wash 30°, do not tumble dry
This piece has been garment dyed. Eventual imperfections and a not completely uniform aspect are part of its beauty and uniqueness.
1 - shoulders - 37cm x sleeve 42cm x length 62cm 
2 - shoulders 38cm x sleeve 43cm x length 64cm 
3 - shoulders - 40cm x sleeve 44cm x length 66cm 


After gaining creative experience in theatrical and fashion production, Ludovica Diligu founded in Milan in 2006 and started producing her first, though limited, fashion collections. Hailling from a family of architects, Ludovica was brought up in an atmosphere of research into lines, volumes and geometry, styles that form the basis of her highly qualified profession. This is the reason why her creations are more like wearable architecture. Moving to Berlin the undisputed centre of the latest European artistic trends whilst remaining a staunch supporter of “made in Italy” production, has been the winning formula at the base of Ludovica’s success. is synonymous with sober and minimal elegance. The company’s hallmark is an attentive study of volumes and their role in space expressed through the architectural design of the single piece of clothing. The key words are: constant research. This process regards colours in all their hues, focusing on the reinterpretation of cotton, wool and linen in essential and modern shapes. The collection’s main concept draws from the combination of top-quality materials with clean design, and is inspired by the focal, historical moments of fashion, theatre and cinema. The perfect balance of taste and class creates a unique and easily recognizable style. The creative headquarters are in Berlin, the European centre of contemporary cultural experimentation, in an old liqueur factory right in the throbbing heart of the gallery district.