Marie Eklund Wooden Spoon Me-7
Marie Eklund Wooden Spoon Me-7

Marie Eklund Wooden Spoon Me-7

Maker: Marie Eklund

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Handmade in Sweden.

Dimensions: W - 6.9cm x H 12.9 –cm

Materials: Birch 

Method: Hand carved 



This exquisite, handmade wooden spoon features a full neck with an enlarged handle. The bowl is perfectly rounded and lightweight. Handmade by Marie Eklund, using nothing but an axe and a knife to create different forms. She utilises the elements fire, water and earth to achieve contrasting tones, complimenting the natural characteristics of the wood.

About the Artist

"I have been working with the elements for a while now. Fire, water and soil gives the wood different color tones with time. I basically put the wood into a fire, place it into a lake or dig it down into the ground and wait for the right look. Then I use nothing but ax and knife to create different shapes.

I split my time between Stockholm and Tångeråsa in Sweden. Tångeråsa is located in the countryside and there I have an old farm and some forest. I love the opposites between the city and the countryside, the metropolitan puls and the calmness. I need them both for my temper. In Tångeråsa I do all the rough work like taking down trees, shop it into smaller parts, decide which parts of the tree are interesting, dry the wood properly, processes the objects in different ways andso on. I play around a lot. Back in Stockholm I basically finish the work, I seem to be a bit more concentrated there.."