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Masami Tokuda 筒椀 (tube bowl) 284
Masami Tokuda 筒椀 (tube bowl) 284
Masami Tokuda 筒椀 (tube bowl) 284
Masami Tokuda 筒椀 (tube bowl) 284
Masami Tokuda 筒椀 (tube bowl) 284

Masami Tokuda 筒椀 (tube bowl) 284

Maker: Masami Tokuda

Regular price £335.00

Handmade in Japan

Dimensions: W 10cm x H 9cm

Materials: 山桜 Cherry Tree Wood

Finish: 白錆漆 white rust lacquer 

Method:  Handmade, dyed and lacquered

Care instructions: As these are ornamental pieces, please wipe with a dry cloth.



The essence of artist Masami Tokuda’s powerful work is trusting intuition and listening to the senses. Each piece is crafted by hand and completely one-of-a-kind. Tokuda applies layers of lacquer to achieve intriguing textures, honouring the natural characteristics of the wood. A clear dedication to traditional Japanese materials, he applies kiurushi, kurourushi, shirourushi, sukiurushi, jinoko and tonoko to his wood works- various types of lacquers and clays. Tokuda carefully dyes the wood, using natural plant dyes such as indigo, iron and persimmon tannin. This multidisciplinary, layered process results in unique surfaces that become true works of art.

This lightweight tsubo has soft grey tones on the body, is made from cherry tree wood and finished with a white rust lacquer to create a subtle, grainy texture.


About the Artist

Masami Tokuda is a talented woodworker who lives and works in Kagoshima. His use of materials and techniques are rooted in traditional Japanese lacquering, and in addition to this are combined with new, contemporary processes such as plant dyeing up to 10 or 20 times. Tokuda also adds a surface and coating treatment for durability and water resistance to each work. His woodwork takes the form of furniture, functional and non-functional objects including wood bowls, and tools.