Mats Svensson Blue Faceted Vase
Mats Svensson Blue Faceted Vase

Mats Svensson Blue Faceted Vase


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 "The tools I use to shape the clay are a potter’s wheel and plaster press molds. The glazes mainly consist of clays, ash and feldspar. Everything is fired in a gas kiln or an Anagama kiln to about 1280 degrees Celsius.  The glazes mostly consist of clay, ash and feldspar."

Dimensions: H 18cm x W 10.5cm 


Please Note - as each piece is hand made, exact size, shape and finish will vary slightly. 


In parallel with in his own pursuits as a potter, Mats is also a teacher running the ceramics department at Leksand Folkhigh School in Sweden. Strongly influenced by the Japanese aesthetic, his style and form is heavily characterised by asymmetry and nature and often finds himself returning to shapes of simple irregular bowls.
Mats primarily works on the wheel and with press molds. His glazes consist mainly of clays, ash and feldspar and fires everything in a gas kiln or an Anagama kiln which brings its own distinctive characteristics.
Working with utility goods, Mats' intention is for his ceramics to be used. It has been said that his signature or personal touch is a striking balance and combination of control mixed with a curiosity and surprise for the unexpected end result.