Nobue Ibaraki  Large Green Bowl 34
Nobue Ibaraki  Large Green Bowl 34

Nobue Ibaraki Large Green Bowl 34

Maker: Nobue Ibaraki *

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Handmade in Japan.

Dimensions: W 17.5 cm x H 8.5  cm

Materials: Glazed earthenware

Method: Hand-built


This large bowl is hand-crafted made by Japanese artist Nobue Ibaraki. The soft earthy glaze reacts gently with the minerals in the clay, sourced locally to Nobue in Tajimi, Japan, evoking a sense of buried treasure. This particular glaze resulted in beautiful green and subtle, speckled orange tones, making it totally unique with its distinct surface qualities. It features an irregular shaped edge, with a light texture on the exterior.

Please note - as these pieces are hand made the glaze, surface patterns and exact size will vary in each piece.  


About the Artist:

Nobue Ibaraki is based in Tajimi Japan; she has created a unique handmade collection of ceramic objects, including jugs, pourers and bottles, with an earthy palette and glaze that evoke the idea of buried treasure.