Robynn Storgaard Carved Mug 1.3

Robynn Storgaard Carved Mug 1.3

Maker: Robynn Storgaard

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Handmade in Denmark.

This carved mug demonstrates perfectly how Robynn Storgaard's rejection of ornamentation emphasises the forms and materials of her ceramics. This cup was thrown on the wheel and made using locally sourced Scandinavian clays, developed and refined in Robynn's studio. The mug is very tactile, with interesting ridges that reveal the hand of the maker and display the artistic process. The smooth texture results from Robynn's use of one of a number of glazes that she has adapted from recipes acquired from friends and mentors over the years.

Imperfections are embraced in Robynn's objects, which are made to become more beautiful, valuable and meaningful to the user over time and through use. This refined and organic mug will be a joy to drink from and remind you of the importance of slow-living. 

Dimensions: W-13cm x H-6cm

As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly.


Robynn Storgaard is a Copenhagen-based maker and ceramicist originally from Canada, who has lived in many cities across the world, including Osaka and Los Angeles. Robynn’s ceramic practice follows a career as an architectural designer, during which she studied large scale building ceramics. 

Robynn’s pieces are concerned with slow living and conscious consumption and intended to bring joy to everyday life. Made from locally and sustainable sourced materials, Robynn’s work originates on the wheel and is hand-made with exquisite craftsmanship, enabling it to last generations. Her pieces are meant to be keepsakes, made ‘For the Sake of Keeping,’ the antithesis of the disposable nature of contemporary times.