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Tina Marie Bentsen Solo Vase 3
Tina Marie Bentsen Solo Vase 3

Tina Marie Bentsen Solo Vase 3

Maker: Tina Marie Bentsen

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Handmade in Copenhagen. 

Wheel thrown in sections and assembled these vases are hand painted with mat engobes and fired between 1240 and 1260. 

Dimensions: W14cm x H-41cm


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly.


"I was educated at Kolding Designschool, in 2005, as a ceramic artisan and has my own studio and shop in the center of Copenhagen. Being a ceramicist to me, is a colaboration between my immagination, my hands and the ceramic materials. There is something basically in creating with your hands, turning dirt into something refined. To me it is the exact same fascination now, as when i was playing with clay in my parents garden, as a child. Only now it is more consious and the finish is more intentional."