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Takashi Endo Black Water Pot

Takashi Endo Black Water Pot

Maker: Takashi Endo

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Handmade in Japan.

Dimensions: W 14.5cm  H 24.2cm

Materials: purion clay 

Method: hand-built



This beautifully refined, black hand-built water pot by Takashi Endo is made with purion clay. This piece is completely unique, with a finely textured finish on the interior and exterior. It has a short spout and curved handle. The symmetrical, round body of this vessel makes it comfortable to hold and pour. A fully functional piece, as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, Endo takes inspiration from architecture, music and Japanese culture. The monochromatic hues are distinct in his work, embracing the imperfection of the materials he uses.

As all products are handmade, sizes and colour may vary slightly.  


About the Artist:

Takashi Endo is a self-taught ceramic artist from Kanagawa, Japan. He is highly renowned for his extraordinary lightweight and monochromatic creations. He works with clay sourced locally from Iga and Shigaraki, regions that are part of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan, and where pottery has been produced for centuries.