Tim Plunkett Sycamore Bowl
Tim Plunkett Sycamore Bowl

Tim Plunkett Sycamore Bowl

Maker: Tim Plunkett *

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Handmade in England. 

This bowl is made from a solid piece of ash wood, cut and shaped with a chainsaw in winter before mounting on the lathe to be roughed out. After a few months slowly drying, they are kiln dried and put back on the lathe to be cut to their final shape. The walls usually ending up 5-7mm thick.

Dimensions: W-31cm x H-10.5cm


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly.


Tim Plunkett is a Norfolk based wood-turner who produces finely turned bowls and beautifully fine and elegant platters. Tim is motivated by the desire to produce simple, beautiful and practical pieces, which show the unique character of each piece of wood. Having studied for a BSc in environmental science, Tim uses locally sourced wood in line with his sustainable practice.