Victoria Meadows Medium Tsubo Jar 1
Victoria Meadows Medium Tsubo Jar 1
Victoria Meadows Medium Tsubo Jar 1

Victoria Meadows Medium Tsubo Jar 1

Maker: Victoria Meadows

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Handmade in UK .

Dimensions: W 28 cm x H 29 cm

Materials: Combination of clay

Method: pinching and coiling, encased in a saggar for firing



This medium sized Tsubo jar is hand built by artist Victoria Meadows, made with a combination of clays that are thermal shock resistant, in order to avoid cracks during the firing process. Using the superfine clay slip 'Terra Sigillata', Meadows paints and sprays onto the pot surface. The form sits flawlessly with a round body and organic opening, embracing imperfection. Meadows focuses on enhancing the surface quality of each piece through her developed techniques. She uses a little amount of tools, and encourages the use of indentations from fingerprints and other natural mark making. Meadows uses a unique saggar firing process utilising foraged wood and plant life, wrapping the pots in organic matter, allowing her to discover original abstract markings and colour to create her distinct works of art. 


About the Artist:  

Victoria Meadows first discovered a love for working with clay whilst studying Art & Design at Foundation level in Cheltenham, she was immediately hooked and went on to graduate from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC) with a degree in Ceramics. Since then, she has worked as a Pottery Technician and taught Ceramics in adult education.

She is now devoted to her craft, working from her studio in the heart of the Cotswolds.