Yumiko iihoshi Unjour Matin bowl - medium nami

Yumiko iihoshi Unjour Matin bowl - medium nami

Maker: Yumiko iihoshi

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Handmade in UK.


Yumiko wants the pieces to feel lovely in the hands, be beautiful to look at and be highly functional. The name ‘Un Jour’ means ‘one day’ in French. This is because she wanted to make a unique cup for everyday use – for all the different times of day and for every usage and mood. These bowls are made to be used, easily washed, and used again.

The artist makes pieces that are infused with nostalgia; inspiring people to reflect and reminisce about time gone by. The handmade line is not overly stylised or crafted. The product line has a unique touch that stands apart from basic line. She wants to create a range of pieces that are on the boundary between handmade and conventional goods.


 Dimensions: medium w-10cm h-6cm


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly.



Yumiko studied at the Kyoto Saga University with a major in Porcelain. After graduation, she started her ceramic career with "Yumiko iihoshi Collection", employing unique shapes and glazing methods to create original pieces inspired by the sense and functionality of a vessel.