Yoko Ozawa

Japan-born Melbourne based ceramist Yoko Ozawa has been working with clay over for 15 years. Her work is informed by a lifelong interest in the Japanese notion of Yohaku (blank space), which is under her influence of the past study of Japanese painting.

 Her vessels sit quietly in place, whilst at the same time engaging with and altering the space around them. She brings an awareness of natural phenomena to her work; seasonal transitions, temperature, light and shadow, attraction, and force imbue the atmosphere she creates. The reciprocal relation between her simplicity forms and these elements serves to convey both depth and stillness.

Yoko has exhibited in solo show in London, Japan and Melbourne as well as in group shows across Australia.

Ozawa received her Bachelor of Fine Art (Japanese painting), from Musashino Art University,Tokyo, Japan and a Diploma of graphic design, from The Japan design collage,Tokyo, Japan.

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