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Japanese Ceramics

Welcome to our elegant collection of Japanese ceramics products. We show a carefully curated group of acclaimed and emerging Japanese ceramics artists. Kenta Anzai crafts beautiful large stoneware moon jars and vessels with an Ancient Japanese technique of including Urushi in the glaze. We also stock Japanese white porcelain vessels crafted using a technique known as ‘chattering’, creating an interesting 'aged' surface.

Another one of our acclaimed designers is Akiko Hirai. Akiko is a renowned Japanese born British based ceramicist whose work ranges from Tsubo pots to large volcanic moon jars, and onward to still life bottle groups. His functional stoneware work includes perfectly made sake cups and sake bottles.

Other collections include Japanese pottery such as Yuta Segawa miniature vases, Mizuyo Yamashita’s cylinder vases, Mentori vases, Masako Nakagami sake cups, porcelain bowls and vases.

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