Please Note : Works from the 'Still Moments' exhibition will be shipped from the 14th December

Our Story

Founded in 2012 by Karen Whiteley in Hampstead Village, London, Maud and Mabel is a carefully curated space. It unites contemporary aesthetic with ancient craft in every guise from ceramics and wood to glass, textiles and precious metals and stones. These pieces are rooted in shibumi, an aspect of Japanese aesthetics that balances simplicity and complexity with perfection and imperfection. Where elegant forms boast rough tactile qualities and intricately engineered artistry is performed with refined subtlety. 

Alongside showcasing a wide selection of works, Maud & Mabel works closely with pioneering artists from around the globe to create special collections, exhibitions and collaborations that honour both the artist and spectator in the gallery and online, as well as supplying and working with designers on major projects.


Meet The Team 

Karen Whiteley - A former stylist alongside pioneering Fashion photographer Sam Haskins from his Kings Road Studio, Karen also assisted Pan Henry at the Casson Gallery, which showcased the work of Lucie Rie and Hans Coper amongst many other great British talents.  Having travelled to Japan and fallen in love with its art and culture, Karen has combined her interest in ceramics and styling to create a space that’s aims to honour works from all disciplines.  

Josephine Cottrell - As an artist Josephine’s own practice is also heavily influence by Japanese aesthetics and grounded in an interest in materials and process.  Growing up travelling, she developed a keen interest and understanding of different creative cultures, traditions, methods and aesthetics from around the world, reflected in the variety of our collection, as well as exhibitions, collaborations and collections that, with a unique perspective, bring together works and artists from all corners.

Gallery Assistants
Alicia Muir -  Alicia studied Art History and is very interested in the individual practices and processes of artists. Her interest in ceramics was sparked by reading Edmund de Waal’s ‘The Hare with the Amber Eyes’ and time spent working in the Design department at Phillips Auction House.

Ellie Niblock - Ellie is a multidisciplinary artist who primarily works with sculpture and digital technologies. Combining her textiles and fine art background, she is interested in exploring how materiality and technology can alter our perception of experiences. Ellie is undertaking a residency at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2021.