Please Note : Works from the 'CHADO' exhibition will be shipped after the 1st of November

Handmade Designer Porcelain Products

Our collection of handmade designer porcelain products highlights the variety of styles, techniques and processes that these artists use and to show the diversity that can be achieved using porcelain. Sun Kim’s, Sophie Cook’s and Anna Silverton’s work celebrates the elasticity and fluidity of porcelain. Their elegant wheel thrown vessels and forms have been teased out of porcelain in different ways and each piece has a subtle luminosity. In contrast, Sue Paraskeva’s sculptures are born out of a process of smashing, throwing and dropping her wheel thrown pieces, whereas Yuta Segawa uses tiny paint brushes and chopsticks to make his perfectly formed miniature vases. Jae Jun Lee uses a special porcelain and a very labour-intensive process of polishing to create breath taking functional ware.

This perfection highlights the contrasting more organic, free flowing forms of Akiko Hirai who uses iron oxide and a variety of glazes to create texture and intrigue to her vases, bowls and vessels. Also on display, will be everyday pieces by renowned potters, Abigail Schama, Derek Wilson and Jack Doherty, the latter introducing works with his new surface for the first time. Emerging ceramic artist Tanya McCallin applies subtle variations of texture to create beautifully balanced pieces that have a timeless quality and quiet permanence to them.

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