Ditte Blohm


Ditte is an East London-based sculptor and artist. She is drawn to the humble medium of ceramics as it allows her to slow down the outer world, let it fade away, and focus her hands on gently sculpting the wet material in front of her.

Many try to make shapes that are smooth and symmetrical. The end destination for Ditte, on the other hand, is not perfection but rather to infuse every sculpture with the beauty of a unique soul.

"It's easy to get lost in distractions and the pursuit of perfection. Every day I try to pause, slow down and draw into myself to fully immerse myself in my work. My goal is not to make a flawless sculpture, but rather to embrace the distinctive and imperfect so that I may capture the soul of each work."

Ditte lives and works in London together with her husband and two sons.

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