Kin Leung

Coming from a background of digit design, Kin began working with ceramics 6 years ago, wanting to transform his creativity into something tangible.

Inspired by Japanese aesthetics, Kin's work embraces the concept of Wabi Sabi and how it manifests in handcrafted objects. Focusing on simplicity, elegance and tranquility, Kin begins with simple and classic shapes and forms, adding touches of modern design that elevate and bring a unique quality to each piece.

"I focus on making the wheel thrown functional ware, and I think the inside beauty of the objects can be elevated while using them over time. Using Stoneware as the material gives the wide range of earthy tones, the body colours of the clay give the variation when they react with the glazes, I also use overlaying techniques of different glazes, the results sometimes are unexpected and this is fascinating."


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