Louise Egedal

Egedal Studio was founded in 2008 by Louise Egedal. She works from her studio in Denmark on the island Funen. Her training started more than twenty years ago, attending art schools in Denmark, Turkey and England. She works in various fields: Ceramics, painting, photography and sculpture. Regardless of the medium, the dna of her work reveals a penchant for the Japanese Wabi-sabi aesthethics.

The main body of her work show a range of wheel thrown pieces, intuitively chiseled and carved. The Japanese Hakeme-technique is used for brushwork. The flow of her work can best be described as a curious dedication to the experiment while refining her skills, distilling the expression to the core. All her work is one of a kind. All though inspired by the Japanese Wabi-sabi aesthetics, her Scandinavian roots with the penchant for minimalism is a cornerstone of her work. The muted tones of her pieces have a reminisce of the natural surroundings of Denmark.
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