Tina Marie Bentsen

"I was educated at Kolding Designschool, in 2005, as a ceramic artisan and has my own studio and shop in the center of Copenhagen. Being a ceramicist to me, is a colaboration between my immagination, my hands and the ceramic materials. There is something basically in creating with your hands, turning dirt into something refined. To me it is the exact same fascination now, as when i was playing with clay in my parents garden, as a child. Only now it is more consious and the finish is more intentional.

My work, at the moment, is mostly handthrown in different kinds of stoneware clay, so eventhough i work in series, every piece is a bit different from the other. I also create larger unique, assembled pieces, which is my playground, where i am allowed to do whatever comes to mind. I am very aware of the variation of surfaces on my pieces, when putting more pieces together in a stillife. I aim to find textures and surfaces, which represents the whole spectre from shiny to matt and those in between, to be able to create stillives interesting for both sight and touch. I am quite inspired by my surroundings in Copenhagen. The contours on my pieces are often graphic, simple and with rather strict edges, like a lot of architecture. I appreciate architecture, especially modernism and funkis style. I find staircases highly appealing - the way light comes through a window and dissolves shadow, how different colors and textures on walls meet and affect eachother, the anticipation when entering a beautiful door. I always seem to notice different surfaces - and color combinations on facades, when passing by buildings on my bike trips around town."



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