Annette Lindenberg

Annette Lindenberg is a German/British ceramicist, originally from Austria, whose work focuses on Kurinuki; the Japanese method of hollowing and carving blocks of clay. Through this slow and ancient technique of making, she tenderly examines her personal connection to the sea and love of geology.

Annette is an MA Graduate of the RCA where she explored unusual methods of glazing and making. Her keen interest in the science of ceramics often informs her making process, while her intuitive forms stem from a meditative, reflective approach she uses while making. She often considers her works to be dug from her ‘mind and clay’ as they are excavated both from materials and her thoughts.

‘Extracting new combinations, through glazing or carving, the pieces I bring into existence are discoveries of quietly philosophical vessels that have their own autonomy. Each to surpass my years, once fired. To be excavated once more and to be discovered and thought about again.’


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