Annette Lindenberg

Annette Lindenberg is a German/British ceramicist based in London. Lindenberg holds an MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal Academy of Art (2021) and a BA in Artist: Designer Maker from the Cardiff Metropolitan University. Lindenberg’s pieces are distinctively recogniseable in their balance between delicate softness and jagged roughness, sculpted in the technique of kurinuki — the traditional Japanese craft of hollowing out and carving from a single block of clay to create pottery pieces. She is also known for her keen interest in the scientific properties of making ceramics, using a diversity of hand mixed clay and experimental glazes such as her silver droplets overglaze, which form beads of silver in varying forms as if perspiring on the ceramic surface. Her works have been exhibited at the British Art Fair at Saatchi Gallery, the London Art Fair with Modern Clay, and Collect 2022 with Maud and Mabel. 

Annette Lindenberg’s skillful carving of kurinuki pieces is part of her meditative and intuitive making process tied to the Japanese aesthetic theory of wabi-sabi. Without the intention of becoming a ceramicist in her years before her undergraduate training, Lindenberg claims she feels as if she ‘accidentally became a ceramicist’. The artist began learning ceramics and discovered kurinuki and wabi-sabi during a stressful time in her life and resonated with the profound expressiveness of clay through these techniques and philosophies. Lindenberg finds solace in seeking perfection in imperfections, a quality embodied by the soothing and peaceful balance in dichotomies resolved in her pieces.

Lindenberg draws inspiration from quiet moments of the everyday, personal memories and nature, with a particular fascination with geomorphic forms. Having spent her childhood in Vienna, a city with a strong cultural legacy and now in London, Lindenberg finds inspiration in museums and cultural artefacts, contemplating themes of timelessness, material permanence and the human attachment to objects. These complement her explorations of the sublime nature, linked to visits to her grandmother in the Canary Islands in her early years. Sensitive to atmospheric details of the everyday, Lindenberg refers to personal anecdotes in her artistic practice. Her works evoke at once intimate personal stories and the vast nature. 

‘Extracting new combinations, through glazing or carving, the pieces I bring into existence are discoveries of quietly philosophical vessels that have their own autonomy. Each to surpass my years, once fired. To be excavated once more, to be discovered and thought about again.’ — Anette Lindenberg


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