Anna Silverton

Anna Silverton’s vases and bowls are wheel thrown in porcelain...

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Tanya McCallin

Tanya McCallin comes to working with ceramics from a long...

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Sophie Cook

Sophie Cook graduated from Camberwell School of Arts in the late...

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Josie Warshaw

London based artist Josie Warshaw has been making ceramic...

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Peter Montgomery

Peter makes wheel thrown porcelain and stoneware, at his studio...

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Enriqueta Cepeda

Swedish maker Enriqueta Cepeda hand-built ceramic vase

Enriqueta builds her pieces by...

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Jack Doherty

Jack’s technical process is key to his work.  He uses...

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Paul Philp

Paul Philp creating British Craft handmade vase

Paul is influenced by...

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