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Hiroshi Sugimoto, Japanese Photographer

In our recent blog post on Naoshima Island we mentioned Hiroshi Sugimoto, as he created several site-specific pieces for the Japanese art island. Sugimoto is a photographer and artist who also explores architecture and performing arts. Find out more in our latest blogpost. 
Ceramic Photoshoot Maud and Mabel

Our Images and Shoots

Our curator and photographer achieves beautiful images through careful decision-making: natural lighting rather than artificial, props and a combination of materials. Find out more about her process and some of the other artists who inspire our photo shoots.
Naoshima Island Japan - Blog

Exploring Naoshima Island: Japan's Art Island

Naoshima Island is a tiny island, commonly referred to as Japan’s art island,  celebrated for its art museums, architecture and sculptures, which attracts art-lovers and tourists from across the world.
The Homes of Artists and Collectors we Admire

The Homes of Artists and Collectors we Admire

At Maud and Mabel we adhere to minimalist and zen philosophies of design and the curation of spaces to celebrate natural materials and wonderful works of art. The following three spaces are all inhabited by makers or lovers of art.
Alessandra Taccia - Ceramics & Art Blog

Alessandra Taccia - Ceramics & Art

FORM & SPACE - the art collection that brings together Alessandra Taccia’s paintings and ceramics for the first time - exudes a sense of calm in the gallery at Maud and Mabel. Read more.
An Interview with Swedish Ceramicist, Enriqueta Cepeda

An Interview with Swedish Ceramicist, Enriqueta Cepeda

Explore the inspiration behind the ceramic designs of Swedish ceramicist, Enriqueta Cepeda. An interview by Maud and Mabel.
Natural Forms in Sofie Berg's Designs

Natural forms in Ceramic Design - 5 Ceramicists Whose Designs Merge the Outdoors with our Interiors

At Maud and Mabel we represent many artists who take inspiration from the natural world. Explore five ceramicists whose organic ceramics are directly informed by their experiences of nature and their surroundings